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Not again, please

October 04, 2008

Here is yet another name for Arte Moreno's playoff-challenged team: the Los Angeles Braves of Anaheim.

We have seen this pattern before, annual playoff appearances and early, low-scoring exits. It has not been the lack of a big bat all these years, but the lack of anyone who can hit when it really counts. The next clutch hit Figgins or Kendrick or Napoli or Matthews or Vladdy gets will be his first. The difference in 2002 was that team had players who played well in pressure situations, Erstad, Glaus, Spiezio, Molina, Salmon, etc.

It's a class organization with some stand-up guys as players, but they need to turn this around or they will be labeled as chokers.

Rick Van Kirk


I've heard it said that Mike Scioscia is a "player's manager." Manager Scioscia should pull player Guerrero aside by one his dreadlocks and say "You are not the second coming of Lou Brock and if you run us out of one more inning in this series, I will yank this lock right out of your head."

I feel better now.

Ron Reeve


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