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Dialed in

October 04, 2008

The baseball playoffs on TBS come with a price. Ron Darling and Tony Gwynn. The games on TBS without Tim McCarver and Joe Morgan. Priceless.

Dave Snyder

Grand Terrace

Talk about Dodger blues: Steve Springer takes umbrage (and offense?) with FSN's Jim Watson's dressing down of the L.A. media for its ho-hum Dodgers coverage. I'm a former newspaper reporter, and I don't mind the FSN "homerism." I expect Steve Lyons to be as Vin Scully-like in his commentary as much as I expect T.J. Simers to write graciously about Frank McCourt. It's not what he does.

Diane Flores-Duffy

Paso Robles

I object to people referring to the Chicago Cubs as "cursed." Cursed implies that a franchise has had some close calls and been unlucky. The main reason the Cubs haven't won a World Series is because they've been horrible for 100 years.

Rob Osborne

Manhattan Beach

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