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A bone to pick on bond suggestion

October 06, 2008

Re "Yes on state bonds," editorial, Oct. 2

You're willing to gamble with $2 billion in public money now on the chance to build a high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and San Francisco, even though you don't believe the cost and ridership projections by promoters and admit that the ultimate price tag would be billions upon billions in taxpayer subsidies more than estimated?

If you're so eager to have 21st century rail travel, how about a public bond to take that same $2 billion and apply it to modernizing regional Metrolink and the L.A.-San Diego Amtrak routes? That would provide real alternatives to car commuting for many millions more people than those who would ever go to the Bay Area.

David Smollar

San Diego

I am still waiting for the bumper sticker that says: Vote no on all bonds, your children can't afford it.

Albert Jakobsen


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