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Fond recollection of a fine teacher

October 06, 2008

Re "Milt Davis, 1929-2008," Oct. 1

I mark the death of my friend and colleague, Milt Davis, with sadness but with the joy of knowing him as well.

Milt was the paradigmatic scholar-athlete. It was not mentioned nor perhaps well known that Milt also had a doctorate with a specialty in ornithology.

He was easy to know and impossible not to love and respect. Athletics, the teaching profession and the humanity of us all are better for the time the world was allowed to have him.

Rex Walker

Los Angeles

Davis was one of the most inspiring teachers I ever had. As a recently arrived immigrant who attended L.A. City College from 1975 to 1977, I was struck by his dedication to his students, regardless of their background. He was friendly and always had something positive to say.

In class, he never spoke about his football career. But he used his lectures to motivate his students to excel, and he made difficult scientific concepts as easy to understand as possible.

He spoke of life as an opportunity and admonished us students to "never fumble the ball." That was a saying he emphasized a lot.

I mourn the death of a great man. I hope that LACC will create a scholarship fund to honor him.

Edgardo Quintanilla

Sherman Oaks

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