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Debate's tone taxed some

October 09, 2008

Re "McCain, Obama clash over economy in a testy debate," Oct. 8

Am I the only one who wonders why both candidates speak to us as if we are children? I seem to remember in high school reading the Lincoln-Douglas debates and admiring their articulation and attentiveness to the issues. I "betcha" Americans were less educated then than now, but somehow the message of these great statesman was heard.

Please, candidates, speak to us as if we can make a cogent decision. It is so tiring to hear the same platitudes and party-speak. Give us some credit to be able to at least somewhat understand the issues facing us today.

Cecil Widdifield

Santa Monica

Is your newspaper writing about the same debate that I heard? John McCain and Barack Obama clashed? Over what?

Frankly, it wasn't much of a debate. It occurs to me that all of the pre-debate hype was designed only to ensure that the candidates had access to as wide an audience as possible to deliver their respective stump speeches, albeit with some minor clarifying remarks.

I have grown weary of hearing the same rhetorical responses over the last two years. This presidential campaign has been way too long. Let the country vote already! Anything these two candidates can or are willing to say has already been said, ad nauseam.

Anthony Balderrama

Eagle Rock

I am one of those "wealthy" folks making more than $250,000 a year. My wife and I have done all of the right things and made mostly good decisions. I pay my bills on time, including my home mortgage. I pay tremendous amounts of state and federal income tax and insurance premiums. I invest in retirement funds and my kids' education funds. I am a California resident, so my home's price -- and my property taxes -- are elevated. But my family is forgotten in favor of the "middle class."

I by no means want anyone to feel sorry for me or my family. But I am growing increasingly tired and frustrated that being in the "unpatriotic" top 5% of wage earners warrants the government taking even more of my hard-earned money. Trust me, my family is not living a wealthy lifestyle.

Why does Obama want to penalize someone like me who plays by the rules?

Eric Ory


After watching the debate, I've concluded that McCain's major accomplishment, with his condescension at full tilt, was to turn the phrase "my friends" into an epithet.

D. Keith Naylor

South Pasadena

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