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Too few degrees of separation

October 09, 2008

Re "The Ayers connection," editorial, Oct. 7

I hope, first, that you always run a background check on all of your neighbors and on all of your journalistic associates before you agree to live near and/or work with them. Never mind that you might be ending your career at the outset by refusing to associate with anyone who isn't squeaky clean.

I hope, second, that you will never, ever, let anyone rehabilitate himself, especially after decades of doing good works.

This would mean ostracizing lots and lots of folks. We wouldn't have to pay for rehab in prisons and could just keep everyone locked up forever. That's a great incentive for self-improvement!

This editorial, in trying to be fair, is way off base.

Gail Goldey

Santa Fe, N.M.

Sarah Palin's stance, reflected in her charge that Obama is "not a man who sees America as you and I do. ... We see America as a force for good in this world," rings rather hollow, given her and her husband's efforts to have Alaska secede from the Union.

The Times reported last month that until 2002, her husband was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, and that as governor, Palin addressed the AIP convention this year and told them to "keep up the good work."

Just when did she discover how great and wonderful this country is?

Blair Ceniceros


In contradiction to your assertion that "there is no evidence that Obama shared Ayers' approval of his violence or his views about whether America is 'a force for good in this world,' " we have Obama's visit to Ayers' house and Obama's own words and actions.

Obama attended a church that preached a vision of America as a dark, evil force in the world. And Obama stated in the first presidential debate: "The ideals and the values of the United States inspired the entire world. I don't think any of us can say that our standing in the world now, the way children around the world look at the United States, is the same."

I think it is perfectly reasonable to assume that Obama shares Ayers' views about America.

The Times should be careful not to strain itself as it bends over backward to defend Obama.

Peter Wilson

Los Angeles

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