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A new genre: the 'Fox-umentary'

October 10, 2008|JAMES RAINEY

How that even remotely exonerates the Obama program, which made no pretense of presenting even a single defense of the Democrat, is beyond me.

Of course, there was no time in the Hannity hour to, for instance, interview the conservatives who helped elect Obama president of the Harvard Law Review.

Hannity was too busy probing deep into Obamaworld's shadowy corridors, like the one that leads to Saul Alinsky, the founder of community organizing.

No one denies that the young Obama, like thousands of others before and since, was inspired by Alinsky, who preached that society's have-nots should expand their power by working aggressively within the government.

For The Record
Los Angeles Times Saturday, October 11, 2008 Home Edition Main News Part A Page 2 National Desk 1 inches; 36 words Type of Material: Correction
On the Media: An On the Media column in Friday's Section A about a Fox News program that looked at Sen. Barack Obama's association with Weather Underground co-founder William Ayers misspelled his last name as Ayres.

As a young reporter here in Los Angeles, I learned firsthand the impact of such teachings, when Alinsky-inspired community organizations first shook the halls of power.

What did they do? They lowered auto insurance premiums on the Eastside. They drove liquor stores out of South Central. They organized an anti-gang program.

Hannity and his confederates ought to take a close look at that last one. It had the backing of another wild-eyed fanatic -- Richard Riordan, the city's Republican mayor.


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