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Wedded to an idea

October 11, 2008

Re "Teaching to the marriage test," Opinion, Oct. 4

Is Meghan Daum really saying that it is useless to fret about what is taught in the schools about marriage because American culture is already flooded with irresponsible marital messages anyway?

As a parent, I think it is my responsibility to do all I can to set the standard for my children's understanding of marriage through every venue possible, precisely because of "popular culture's collective and ongoing celebration of same-sex marriage" and the onslaught of media messages that "confuse the long-term implications of marriage with the short-term gratification of wedding and honeymoon planning." This includes casting my vote to perpetuate the time-tested definition of marriage -- in hopes of preventing a "thoughtful teacher" passing acknowledgment of same-sex marriage from burgeoning into the further indoctrination of my children with the acceptability of a social experiment that I do not endorse.

Karen A. Bennett



While watching the television announcement urging approval of Proposition 8, I too wondered about the red herring of teaching same-sex marriage in public schools. Every voter I know who supports this bill already sends his kid to a private school.

I guess the producers of this so-called public service announcement feel it's necessary to protect the rest of us dullards who cannot think and act for ourselves.

David Hill


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