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Who should be president?

October 11, 2008

Re "See the world, get elected," Opinion, Oct. 5

I'll support Peter Guttman's constitutional amendment requiring future presidents to have traveled the world if he will support mine: That no one may serve as commander in chief unless he or she has served at least two years in a combat arm of the U.S. military!

Bill Deaver



Guttman is correct to decry the lack of international perspective in our political thinking and public policy. Some of our most significant problems such as terrorism, trade, ecological decline and illegal immigration are international in scope. Heavy dependence on military power to address these problems can only yield short-term results and deprive us of valuable tools like diplomacy.

The 20th century thinking of an aging Cold War warrior and the flirtatious winks of a perky deputy will not help to restore the respect we need to work with other nations to address these problems.

People question Barack Obama's experience, but he has learned to see the world from an international perspective. Joe Biden's experience in foreign affairs is

solid. They seem better prepared to face our international challenges of the 21st century.

Margaret Hamilton


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