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Cubs fan doesn't find friendly confines

October 11, 2008

I am a Cubs fan who was at Dodger Stadium for the final game of the drubbing. The Dodgers were clearly the better team and deserved to advance in the playoffs.

Enduring the loss was disappointing enough, but seeing the Raider-like behavior of quite a few fans was just shameful. There were plenty of Cubs fans who were just plain abused for doing nothing more than standing in a concession line wearing Cubs gear. The obnoxious offenders were not only tolerated but encouraged by others in the crowd.

Los Angeles is no longer a place to take kids to a sporting event unless you want to give them a quick lesson on bad manners, obnoxious behavior and apathy. Dodgers fans one and all should be ashamed not only of the rude behavior of the few, but the lack of action of the many that encouraged it.

Ray Miller

Simi Valley

Regarding Bill Plaschke's Monday article on Joe Torre, you'd have to look pretty hard to find a bigger critic of Torre than me. And, other than the fact that it has taken 162 games for him to figure out a few things, I'll agree that he has assembled a fine playoff roster and has finally put the right guys in the starting lineup. Now, if he'll only keep them in there and not do anything really stupid, like making Manny part of a double-switch in a game that's headed for extra innings, we'll get along just fine.

Eric Monson


The Dodger success so far this season can be attributed in large part to Joe Torre's leadership, especially as compared to Grady Little's. Torre has had the guts to tell Jeff Kent, Nomar Garciaparra, Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones that they aren't good enough to play, and he let the younger, better players get the playing time. Grady Little caved in to Kent's poison last year and the Dodgers cratered. This year, Torre had the leadership skills to continuously put his best team on the field, game after game, at the close of the season.

Kevin Webb

San Bernardino

To paraphrase Harry Carry: "Cubs When?, Cubs When?"

Gregg Freeman

Thousand Oaks

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