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The plan is simple: Everybody go long

October 11, 2008

Despite having the best team in the country, USC has been unable to clinch a national championship since 2006. Saturday's victory over Oregon shows why.

Pete Carroll has been using a running-game strategy. A running-game strategy consists of a flanker pass, a screen pass, and a short pass and run game. The problem with a short passing game is there are overthrows, underthrows, tipped balls and punishing tackles that cause fumbles. You don't have these problems with bombs and sideline passes.

By using more bombs and sideline passes on Saturday, Carroll was finally able to set the Trojans' offense free. The 44-10 victory shows what it is capable of.

It's about time that USC's dream team got the coach they deserve. Here's hoping Carroll has finally learned his lesson.

Shigeo Yamashita


Regarding last weekend's gastrointestinal virus outbreak at USC, this would be one case where no one could argue with Pete Carroll. Things were handled internally.

Doug Thomson

West Los Angeles

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