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An age-old question

October 12, 2008

NICE article on the perennial subject of the graying of classical music audiences ["The Ageless Audience" by Diane Haithman, Oct. 5]. It was clear, concise and brought authoritative sources to bear, told with admirable fluency. Dare I say, hip?

Things I hear from colleagues and audience member friends across the country bear out the continued interest in this type of performance. And I note there always is a generous slice of younger listeners for opera, symphony, chamber music, etc., doubtless drawn from the rather constant number of classical-loving nerds that comes up every generation. I'm not dissing them -- I was one myself.

Craig Smith

Classical music and arts critic/Pasatiempo staff writer

The Santa Fe New Mexican

Santa Fe, N.M

I'VE WORKED in the performing arts for almost 30 years, for the most part in marketing and public relations. In that time I've heard a constant drumbeat that "audiences are aging" and a desperate desire to "attract younger audiences." You've provided a well reasoned and well-written explanation of what my experience has taught me. Arts audiences aren't aging, but rather growing into our product.

David Balsom

Tour producer

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