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Obama's effect on Jewish voters

October 13, 2008

Re "Schlepping for McCain and Palin," Opinion, Oct. 8

Notwithstanding her devotion to Israel, I am somewhat surprised that Anat Hakim schlepped north to persuade relatives to vote for a 72-year-old man with health issues who, instead of selecting Joe Lieberman -- the person he wanted as his vice president -- caved in to the right wing of his party and chose (to be a heartbeat away from the presidency) an egregiously unqualified governor who quotes Westbrook Pegler, an unambiguous anti-Semite.

Is this really "good for the Jews," or anybody else for that matter?

Peter Katz

Sherman Oaks

I was incensed with Hakim's article. The idea that the "Jewish vote" was lower for Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush because of their thoughts or actions toward Israel is one thing. But extending that feeling to "something is just not right" about Barack Obama is more than suggestion or innuendo -- it is accusation and does not, in my view, represent the feelings of the entire Jewish community, as Hakim implies.

Roberta B.


Los Angeles

Hakim suggests that many Jews are concerned that Obama "will not serve Israel well." I would argue that there are many more independent voters who are put off by the extent to which both candidates have been pandering on Israel and embracing positions promoted by the Israeli right that may be at odds with American interests.

Kenneth Gozlyn

San Francisco

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