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Two-minute Drill

October 13, 2008|Houston Mitchell

at Atlanta 22, Chicago 20: All of a sudden, the Michael Vick era in Atlanta seems as if it took place about 20 years ago.

at Minnesota 12, Detroit 10: Vikings fans were chanting "Fire Childress!" during the game, and their team is tied for first place.

at New Orleans 34, Oakland 3: You have to wonder what the over/under is for how long it takes Al Davis to fire Tom Cable.

St. Louis 19, at Washington 17: Losing to a team as bad as the Rams should count as three losses for the Redskins.

at Houston 29, Miami 28: The Texans and the Rams win on the same weekend? What's next, the Dodgers winning a playoff series?

at N.Y. Jets 26, Cincinnati 14: After the game, a confused Brett Favre changes his mind three times on where to go for a victory dinner.

at Indianapolis 31, Baltimore 3: Scary news for the rest of the league: This is the first time the Colts have looked like themselves all season.

at Tampa Bay 27, Carolina 3: Whom would you rather have as your starting quarterback, Jeff Garcia or Brian Griese? Send your answer to the Buccaneers.

Jacksonville 24, at Denver 17: Inspired by the government, the Broncos decided to give their own version of a bailout plan (three turnovers) to the Jaguars.

Green Bay 27, at Seattle 17: Charlie Frye passed for 83 yards. Maybe the Seahawks would have been better off going without a quarterback.

at Arizona 30, Dallas 24 (OT): There are so many people to pick from, how will Terrell Owens ever decide whom to blame this loss on?

Philadelphia 40, at San Francisco 26: Steve Young was spotted at the game, thinking to himself, "Maybe I'll go stand on the Eagles' sideline."

at San Diego 30, New England 10: All those who said you can plug any quarterback into the Patriots' system and they'd still win can sit down now.

Open date: Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Tennessee.

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