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Cynicism about McCain campaign

October 14, 2008

Re "GOP ticket tries new tactics," Oct. 12

I remember the 1950s and 1960s and the civil rights struggles. I remember the riots in Los Angeles and other American cities. I remember seeing Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) being beaten to within an inch of his life. I remember rallies by Gov. George Wallace of Alabama, Gov. Ross Barnett of Mississippi and others -- rallies that led to dangerous reactions from ignorant and unhinged people. I watched the raucous McCain-Palin rallies, where cries of "traitor" and other epithets came from the crowds. At least John McCain set one woman straight about Barack Obama not being an Arab. I respect him for realizing this is not the type of campaign he wants his name on.

If we are seeing the last gasp of a campaign that believes this is the only way it can rally its base, then what does this say about its base? Is this the type of campaign Jesus would have run? I think not.

Lewis was and is right in his assessment that McCain and Sarah Palin are "playing with fire." Nothing good can come of rallies such as these.

Stephen R. Hariton

Westlake Village


Which is more offensive, a McCain supporter's opinion that to be Kansan-Kenyan is to be Arab, or McCain's opinion that being Arab is an accusation to be defended with the words "No, no ma'am. He's a decent family man"?

Ken Stone



Re "Candidates seek to seed doubts," Oct. 10

McCain disagrees with the pundits who say his campaign is in trouble. He notes that his campaign has recovered before. Referring to the skeptics, McCain said, "We fooled them then, and we'll fool them again."

This quote strikes me as a Freudian slip from a man who once valued truth. The pundits are not the only ones to be fooled. McCain, Palin and many promoters have been trying hard to fool voters about Obama. They constantly spout slanted, deceptive insinuations and accusations. Voters must reject information from biased, unreputable sources and demand an end to the folly and theatrics.

Pam Price

Henderson, Nev.

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