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Prop. A deserves support

October 14, 2008

Re "Show some results first," editorial, Oct. 10

It's stunningly sad that the people of Los Angeles have more confidence in no-more-business-as-usual at City Hall than the editorial board of The Times. Whether or not Proposition A is successful in passing, the unwillingness of the paper of record in this city to support such a crucial effort is even more troubling than a possible defeat.

You minimize the proven results in gang neighborhoods of successful programs like L.A.'s Best and others, which have improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids and young adults over the years, when you suggest that we reach "only a few."

You show no trust in a new resolve from city officials to implement change. Perhaps the editorial board should define more precisely what it needs to see to build that trust. The leadership of the police force and a host of today's civic and community leaders have faith that the city will do things differently and do them right -- requiring continued transparency, accountability and results from those organizations already making a difference in troubled communities.

When will The Times, like the city, choose to look forward with hope and resolve to win the war on gangs? Three dollars a month for even one life saved? Let your readers do the math.

Carla Sanger


The writer is president and chief executive of L.A.'s Best After School Enrichment Program.

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