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The ball just keeps going in the net

October 15, 2008|Pete Thomas | Times Staff Writer

An NBA game was played Sunday in London, and the Daily Telegraph noted, "As far as value for money goes, not much can beat basketball. Nonstop on-court action breeds scores that reach triple figures, keeping you entertained every minute the ball is in play."

In other words, it's not the least bit like soccer.

Reason to cheer

The fast pace notwithstanding, not all British fans were impressed by what they witnessed in the New Jersey Nets-Miami Heat contest. But the sideline show was a different matter.

"It didn't help that the Heat started anything but hot, and got roundly thrashed in a first quarter that ended 30 points to 16," the Daily Telegraph continued.

"And while they rallied in the second quarter, the biggest cheer was reserved for the team's dancers, who bounded onto the court at every opportunity clad in Union Jack T-shirts and little else."

Trivia time

Saturday's UCLA-Stanford matchup features head coaches who once played quarterback during a Rose Bowl game. How did Rick Neuheisel and Jim Harbaugh fare?

No longer a fillies' man

Oak Tree Racing Assn.'s "Living Legends Race" on Saturday at Santa Anita features retired Hall of Fame jockeys such as Angel Cordero, 65, Gary Stevens and Julie Krone, each 45. It's a betting race so fans should take it seriously.

The jockeys certainly are. Cordero, the eldest, gallops horses in mornings to stay fit but draws the line at going to the gym.

"The only thing I ever liked about going to the gym was looking at the girls," he explained. "And none of them are looking at me anymore."

Sad commentary

Toledo players had reason to celebrate their monumental upset over Michigan on Saturday. But two of them partied a bit too hard and got arrested outside an Ohio bar.

One was team captain and star receiver Nick Moore, who was charged with disorderly conduct intoxication.

Writes "Saturday afternoon, Nick Moore lit up Michigan for 20 catches. Saturday night he got himself lit, started a fistfight, and jumped to the top of the Bengals' draft wish list."

Caught in the act

Seven fans were arrested during Game 2 of the ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays, the St. Petersburg Times reports, adding, "Two more and they could have fielded a team."

Most arrests were on suspicion of disorderly conduct and one involved a man who sneaked into a dugout to steal a player's bat.

Mused a blogger on "He later snuck into the Red Sox's bullpen, stole a uniform and tried to disguise himself as Mike Timlin, but was caught when he accidentally threw too many strikes."

Trivia answer

Neuheisel threw four passes for touchdowns in leading the Bruins to a 45-9 upset of Illinois in the 1984 Rose Bowl. Harbaugh, who was behind center for Michigan, was on the losing end, 22-15, against Arizona State in 1987.

And finally . . .

University of Washington running back Brandon Johnson, to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, on Huskies quarterback Jake Locker's habit of spitting: "I don't have a problem with him doing it as long as he doesn't get it on me."


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