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Plumbing the political debate

October 17, 2008

Re "McCain doesn't seal the deal," news analysis, Oct. 16

Our focus group had anticipated something of substance from Barack Obama. All we saw was a smirking arrogance and a condescending grin that did nothing to show he had the presence to lead, or even come up with a plausible plan or idea.

We're with Joe the Plumber and John McCain.

Linda Bowling

Studio City

Reflecting on the debate Wednesday night, this is my question: If McCain were to be elected president and faced a foreign leader with whom he seriously disagreed, could the American people expect that he would resort to sarcasm and mockery?

Carole Platz


he issue of abortion as discussed in the third presidential debate -- with McCain's callous toss-off of women's health -- exposed an absolutely horrifying, draconian streak, first glimpsed in his attitude toward his first wife's health, welfare and critical needs. Absolutely McCainian.

Bev Morse

Manhattan Beach

Re "'Joe the Plumber' becomes a national fixture," Oct. 16

I wonder whether McCain has used the services of a plumber lately -- or more to the point, if he knows what a plumber charges. The last time I had to call one to replace an elbow underneath my kitchen sink, which costs about $12 at OSH, the bill came to more than $256 for less than one hour's work.

As a part-time teacher with an advanced degree, I earn less than 10% of that per hour. Consequently, I have a hard time being sympathetic toward Joe the Plumber, who apparently makes more than $250,000 a year and supposedly needs a tax cut. When he owns his business, Joe will already get a number of tax breaks that an ordinary, salaried person does not. It is time the average middle-wage earner with no tax shelters got a break.

M. Strehler


McCain knows a plumber called Joe,

Who needs to make great piles of dough,

Joe should move to L.A.

Where all plumbers make hay,

Their accountants keep all taxes low.

Tom McKimmey

Van Nuys

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