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ACORN and vote drive

October 17, 2008

Re "McCain calls for 'voter fraud' inquiry," Oct. 15

It comes as no surprise that the Assn. of Community Organizations for Reform Now is accused of trying to cheat the electoral system by registering phony voters to sway the 2008 election.

This is just one more page in ACORN's questionable history, which already includes election-fraud investigations, a shameful embezzlement coverup scandal and a politically divisive agenda driven by a handful of extreme activists.

Now ACORN has been caught attempting to register Mickey Mouse and the Dallas Cowboys, among hundreds of other phony voters. The American people should stop tolerating an organization that is determined to use illegal methods to tilt the political process in its favor.

Tim Miller


The writer is the communications director of the Employment Policies Institute.

McCain (along with all the others who are pushing the "voter fraud" line) is incorrect. This is not voter fraud, this is registration fraud -- and ACORN reports these registrations to the authorities. ACORN is required to turn in all the registrations it receives, whether those registrations are good, bad or incomplete. This is something that the "voter fraud" advocates never seem to mention.

Voter fraud includes acts such as removing voters from the rolls because the name on the registration doesn't exactly match the name on the driver's license, or because the picture on the license doesn't exactly match the person. Or denying the right to vote to military personnel stationed overseas, or to college students who don't live with their parents.

All of these tactics have reportedly been tried, and are reportedly still being tried, by the Republican Party -- the same people who are trying to blame ACORN for doing what it is required by law to do.

P.J. Evans


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