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Eye to eye

October 18, 2008

I FOUND it outrageous and demeaning to the vice presidential candidacy and to women when Sarah Palin gave her fake stage-wink while in a debate ["Controversy in Wink of an Eye," by Faye Fiore, Oct. 14]. It was an obvious bid to use her sexuality as part of her hard-sell come-on to the crowd and the TV viewers.

If I want to see someone use their sexuality to convince someone to buy what they are selling, I can go to 102nd and Success any time I want. I'd just as soon not see it coming from a VP candidate in a nationally televised debate.

Celeste Harrison Whitlow

Arroyo Grande


I HAVE always felt that when someone winks, it means something like: "Come on, you know what I really mean" or "Don't worry about it, it's no big deal."

It's kind of like laying an index finger alongside the nose to indicate: "You got it, that's the one." On the other hand, Palin perhaps just wanted to appear cool and nonchalant. Not an uncommon course of action for someone in a situation way over her head!

Tom Reinberger


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