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Will Colin Powell endorse Obama?

October 18, 2008|Don Frederick

Credit NBC with putting together back-to-back lures for political junkies.

Sarah Palin's long-rumored appearance on "Saturday Night Live" happens tonight. And you can just keep your set tuned to the network when you go to bed, because the "must-see" TV on Sunday morning will be Colin L. Powell's appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Credit Powell with having starred in this campaign's longest-running guessing game: Will the famed former Army general and former secretary of State under President Bush cross party lines and publicly back Barack Obama?

The buzz is that he will.

Powell, who flirted with seeking the Republican presidential nomination in 1996, created a stir in June 2007 when he pointedly declined to commit to endorsing whoever became the GOP presidential nominee. This year, his every word and action have been closely watched -- and usually interpreted as an indication of a pro-Obama slant.

One report -- off the mark, as it turned out -- suggested that Powell would deliver a dramatic speech at the Democratic National Convention on Obama's behalf.

Anything less than a Powell embrace of Obama would be a letdown for the Democrat.

-- Don Frederick

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