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An absurd time for tax cuts

October 19, 2008

Thank you for publishing David Lazarus' excellent article on the stupidity of tax cuts (Consumer Confidential, Oct. 5). I am absolutely appalled at how seemingly oblivious Congress is about the high cost of our debt. And China funds its rapid expansion along with the rape of its environment and the oppression of its people with our tax dollars.

To call for tax cuts at a time like this is stupid beyond belief. I am glad the L.A. Times and David Lazarus are trying to raise awareness. I am sending copies of this article to my elected officials.

Elke Heitmeyer

Sherman Oaks


David Lazarus' column (Consumer Confidential, Oct. 5) was right on point !! Americans need to wake up to the national debt. Perhaps there needs to be a national debt metric in the masthead of the Business section -- just like the Dow and the Nasdaq. Perhaps if Americans could see on a daily basis what their fair share of the debt is, they would start holding the politicians accountable.

Teri Wielenga


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