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Love for Labelle

October 19, 2008

Once again your writer Ann Powers has written a terrifically insightful article about a favorite artist of mine, the music group Labelle ["Labelle Was Always More Than a 'Lady,' " Oct. 12].

I remember seeing Labelle perform live at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia sometime in the late '70s, right before they broke up.

There was obvious tension between the three women, which added a whole other level of entertainment to the performance.

Patti LaBelle, Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash were and obviously still are fierce women who took the concept of "girl group" to another level.

They even looked tough enough to rumble with the Shangri-Las!

Thanks also for mentioning the late great and very much-missed Laura Nyro.

Tom O'Leary

Los Angeles

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