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Separation of church, politics

October 19, 2008

Re "Prop. 8 splits priest and church," Oct. 13

Father Geoffrey Farrow must have known that his sermon against Proposition 8 would be met with discipline from the local bishop -- and rightly so, as Farrow knew he was speaking against the Catholic Church's teaching on the issue.

This is classic civil disobedience. Farrow spoke out and accepted the consequences.

As a Catholic, I wish that the church hierarchy would have had the courage to respond so quickly and unequivocally when confronted with priests who were sexually abusing children. These men did much worse than openly disagree with the church, and, in far too many cases, went unpunished or were protected.

Jeff Dix

Los Angeles


It was inappropriate for Farrow to deliver a sermon expressing his views against Proposition 8.

It is also inappropriate for a deacon to express support for Proposition 8 from the pulpit as expressed in the "pastoral letter" from Bishop John T. Steinbock's office.

What a different election this would be if we had true separation of church and state!

Jan Reisdorf

Mission Viejo

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