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Chunnel train? Never again

October 19, 2008

Our recent European vacation had us start in London for a few days, with onward travel to the Continent.

Wouldn't you know it that on our first day, Eurostar had the tunnel fire and shut down service.

When we asked for assistance in making alternative arrangements, we were told that we could apply to get a ticket refund and were handed a sheet of paper that listed several airlines, ferry services and bus companies that had service to the Continent.

We decided to go sightseeing and solve the problem later. As luck would have it, limited service was restored several days later and we got on one of the trains.

Sorry to say, all the trains we saw at St. Pancras station in London looked as if they had not been washed since they were put into service.

Overall, our Eurostar Chunnel experience was not the best and we won't do it again.

Lutz Moeckel

Garden Grove

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