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The Times for Obama

October 20, 2008

Re "Obama for president," editorial, Oct. 19

Your endorsement of Barack Obama for president, although not unexpected, reminds me of the story of the emperor's new clothes. Regardless of how you try to package and sell him, Obama has none of the experience required to be president of a nation of 300 million people.

He does not have the business experience to know what it takes to create jobs in the U.S. He has no administrative experience. He has no discernible legislative record -- he entered the U.S. Senate four years ago but has spent half that time campaigning. He has no foreign policy experience. And he has absolutely no military experience that would allow him to know not only the strengths of the military but, more important, its limitations.

If you believe that Sarah Palin is unqualified as a vice presidential nominee, then Obama is clearly the least qualified candidate for president that this country has seen in decades.

Ira Thierer

Los Angeles

I haven't checked temperatures in the netherworld recently, but I am sure if I did I would see that it has frozen over. For the first time in its long and storied history, The Times has endorsed a Democrat for the presidency.

As one who has read The Times for almost half a century and remembers when the newspaper endorsed any and all candidates who had an "R" after their name -- and heavily criticized those who fought for civil rights and fair taxes -- I was pleased that you have come out forthrightly for the candidate in this race who recognizes that the last eight years have been a disaster, and who will provide a calm, clear and cool voice in the White House. As you say in your editorial, Obama's character, temperament and maturity are what our country needs in this time of great economic crisis.

The last two weeks have brought events that I never thought I would see. First, the Bush administration nationalizing the banking industry and second, the Los Angeles Times, long dominated by the business titans of Southern California, endorsing a Democrat for president of the United States.

Who says that miracles do not occur?

Donald L. Singer


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