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Past looks pretty good

October 20, 2008

Re "Disney looks to 1920s to give new life to park," Oct. 16

Yoo hoo, Hollywood, are you listening?

The Disney organization is about to spend another $1-billion-plus on California Adventure to forge "an emotional connection to keep people coming back." It is going to feature a towering structure that recalls Hollywood's golden era.

Do you get it, council members? Do you get it, Madame Tussauds? Do you get it, Chamber of Commerce? Look at what Disney is spending its money on. It's not generic, unappealing, contemporary architecture and attractions.

Disney says it wants to make California Adventure feel like the 1920s. Hollywood already has the buildings that were part of Hollywood's golden era. The neighborhood should be tripping over itself to restore what it still has and capitalize on that emotional connection to the past, rather than promoting this emotionally bankrupt idea that we need to look modern and forward-thinking.

Who's going to get out of the bus to look at that?

Kay Tornborg

Los Angeles

How appropriate! May I suggest Disney focus and choose 1929?

Tom Impelluso

San Diego

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