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To our readers

October 21, 2008|Russ Stanton | Los Angeles Times Editor

Dear Readers,

Whether it's local wildfires, the global financial meltdown or home teams in the playoffs, events of the past few weeks remind us all how important it is to understand the world around us. But understanding requires more than just headlines; it demands reliable, timely journalism from a source that understands how you live.

The Los Angeles Times is that trusted source for Southern California, and today we're introducing changes designed to better match our coverage to your lifestyles and reading habits.

Every day, we strive to bring you a full report of news, analysis and information to help you make informed decisions. Here's how we're making it easier to get what you need:

Redesigned indexed make it faster to find your favorite features, subjects and journalists.

Bolder fronts and topic labels give each section its own look and feel.

Cleaner typography enhances readability.

More emphasis on our unique storytellers, including portraits of The Times' signature columnists, puts faces with the names you know and read.

Improved Web references help lead you to more unique news and information on

The result is a newspaper that puts a fresh face on our rich history.

Today's changes are not the end of our plans. With the largest news-gathering staff and readership base in the West, we will continue adapting to rapidly changing times. And we will keep you engaged so we can best serve you in print, on the Web and through your mobile devices.

Whether it's helping you make a decision in the upcoming elections, choose a restaurant for this weekend or understand where to put your money, our commitment remains, as always, to provide coverage you can't find anywhere else.

Please let us know what you think of our new look.

Russ Stanton, Editor

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