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GOP majority are respectful

October 21, 2008

Re "MIAs of the GOP," Opinion, Oct. 16

What planet does Rosa Brooks live on?

How often has the American public seen angry hecklers at rallies on the left, and too often disrupting peaceful rallies for the GOP? These few conservative hecklers do not reflect the opinion of the majority, who are good citizens who come respectfully to hear the candidates speak.

And you've got it wrong about sober grown-ups leaving the GOP. Unlike Brooks, the right feels that character and judgment are two qualities that are required in a person holding the office of president. We like to know that the person we elect as president has not only a record of experience but also the character and good judgment to lead this great nation.

We do full background checks on people before employing them in the workplace, yet we are not allowed to ask such questions regarding a candidate running for the highest office of the land?

These are legitimate questions that should be addressed before we elect a president.

Linda Cornwell

Santa Barbara

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