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Vote for McCain not a vote for bias

October 22, 2008

Re "Black voters hope, and fear," Oct. 19

In the event of an Obama loss, Pennsylvania state Rep. Jewell Williams, a Democrat, suggests a form of civil disobedience: a sickout by blacks. Williams and Damascus Harris would likely attribute an Obama loss to racism. Racism and fraud would be the mantra. Both are trying to lay a guilt trip on the non-Obama voters: "You're all racist."

Nancy Pelosi, of Italian heritage and a practicing Catholic like me, would never get my vote if she were running against McCain. We share some common traits, but we differ in our politics.

I am voting for the candidate I consider closest to my political persuasion. It's unfair to infer that I and millions of others are racists because we are not voting for Obama.

James S. Pigneri



Racism is alive and strong in America. According to the article, "Polls show that black voters overwhelmingly support Barack Obama in the presidential race, in many cases for reasons that transcend policy."

What else can you call voting for a black person over a white person, and ignoring policy, other than racism?

Murray Levine


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