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CTA enters Prop. 8 fray

October 23, 2008

Re "$1 million from teachers union to oppose Prop. 8,"

Oct. 17

I am furious that the California Teachers' Assn. has donated $1 million in opposition to Proposition 8. The CTA's mandate is to promote issues of teacher and student welfare, not to issue edicts on morality.

I teach English. When parents have concerns about the morality of a book, I defer to the family's values. Yet the CTA dares to define morality for me, for my students and ultimately for all families in the state.

Suppose a health teacher cannot, in good conscience, teach a curriculum that says all forms of marriage are equal? Some No-on-8 supporters argue that teachers choose to work in the public sector, and if they don't like it, they can find another job. Will the CTA protect the rights of a teacher whose career is jeopardized by the union's advocacy?

Diana Giles

La Habra


In a time of diminished funds for public schools and decreasing programs, I think the CTA should support political agendas that increase funding and improve schools.

What does Proposition 8 have to do with any of that? As a California resident with kids in the public schools, I am disappointed.

James Sloan


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