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Cheap oil drains reform energy

October 23, 2008

Re "Getting a break at the pump," Oct. 17

It's great that oil prices are dropping, but we can't be lulled into thinking they will stay low. We still must develop alternative methods of generating energy and more efficient methods of using it.

It seems that every so many years we get caught by a huge run-up in oil prices because we don't remember the last time it happened and what turmoil it causes in our economy and personal lives.

Nato Flores

Sun Valley


Good news! The price of oil is below $70 a barrel. In 2007, when oil was last at that level, gasoline in L.A. cost less than $3 a gallon. I find it interesting that gas prices rise at the speed of light, and fall at the speed of Congress.

Gary L. Buterbaugh


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