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They're not neutral about Plaschke

October 25, 2008

Since Bill Plaschke is bored by the World Series ["Update a Classic," Oct. 22], can the Los Angeles Times just put us out of our misery and not send him to any baseball games anymore? For the rest of his life, if possible?

I would have tried to read his column about the neutral-site World Series a second time, but I discovered that my HMO doesn't cover me in case I gouge out my own eyes in order to save myself from going mad.

Bob Timmermann

South Pasadena


Bill Plaschke's column about the "updating" of the World Series was completely off the deep end. The Series has been systematically ruined by TV network scheduling, blabby, hype-filled coverage, and too many playoff rounds and now he suggests ripping the games away from the teams' real fans and turning it into a full-blown corporate media circus? Ever notice how boring the crowds are at most Super Bowls?

The quickest way to make the World Series important again is to go back to two divisions in each league and put games on earlier in the day so half the kids in the country don't have to miss them. Like that might happen.

Jeff Polman

Culver City


You know, Plaschke, sometimes I feel sorry that people write awful things about you in the Letters column. But your "Update a Classic" column deserves a fastball buzzed right past your ear. The best thing about baseball is that it is still baseball. We don't need to make it into the Super Bowl. It's who plays in the Series that makes the difference in the ratings. If the Dodgers and New York were in it, the ratings would soar. Same with Dodgers and Boston, only because of Manny being here. You'd be there with bells on cranking out your columns instead of complaining.

The All-Star game had the highest television rating in years. Why? Because it was in New York. The Tampa Bay Rays played to an empty stadium all year. Why? Because Florida is full of retirees who moved there from another area and already had their own teams to support. How many of those same Floridians would get on a plane and fly to Timbuktu to see the Rays play in a World Series? None. Go cover that whiny Brett Favre and leave baseball alone.

Helen Freeman



Is Plaschke attempting to re-energize this economy and secretly working for an airline business by having all of Philadelphia and Tampa Bay fly 3,000 miles at $700+ a round trip?

Daniel Ornelas

Los Angeles


The only thing more disturbing than the new sketch of Bill Plaschke's face is the fact that the Los Angles Times continues to recognize him as a sports columnist. If what he wants out of the World Series is a weeklong party, allow me to make a suggestion to him: head to New Orleans in February. And then stay there. Permanently.

Josh Segal



More baseball

Tim McCarver on TV; Joe Morgan on radio. Somebody should tell Major League Baseball that the idea is to attract listeners and viewers to the World Series, not drive them away.

Rich Rudy

San Diego


Bill Shaikin ought to be reprimanded for the crass, unneeded article on race related to the World Series.

Who really cares about the ballplayer's race when it comes down to the Series? Why inject race into a contest that is decided on who scores the most runs, not what black player scores the runs?

Stan Guzy

Garden Grove


If there's any place where race shouldn't be a consideration, it's the sports section. "A Series that will look like them" suggests that blacks are under-represented in major league baseball. So what? So are Jews, Asians and women.

Burt Prelutsky

North Hills


The Rays exorcised the "Devil" and they're in the World Series. Take a clue, Arte Moreno?

Bob Ginn



Not too slimy

Chris Dufresne writes that USC will need help from others if the Trojans are to make it to the BCS championship game. I find it ironic that after so much time spent denigrating Ohio State, he now needs the Buckeyes to go out there and look good so his team can be rewarded.

Sorry, Chris, my Buckeyes are going to lose to Penn State, thus increasing the stock value of the Nittany Lions, while sadly de-valuing your Trojan victory against the Bucks.

So ha-ha-ha, buddy. You lose. Er . . . we lose . . . wait a minute . . .

Terri Fox

Torrance (OSU '80)


I humbly offer a few rebuttals to Chris Dufresne's "Buckeye Bashing" session that masqueraded as a legitimate piece of journalism: A 12-0 record in 2006 including victories over two teams ranked second nationally at the time (Texas and Michigan) probably shouldn't be characterized as "slime" -ing into a national title game.

Ohio State has lost to LSU, Florida, Illinois and USC during the past three seasons. USC has lost to Oregon State twice (wow!), UCLA (no way), Stanford (you must be joking) and Oregon. Which resume would you prefer?

Paul Wager Jr.

San Clemente


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