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Not too slimy

October 25, 2008

Chris Dufresne writes that USC will need help from others if the Trojans are to make it to the BCS championship game. I find it ironic that after so much time spent denigrating Ohio State, he now needs the Buckeyes to go out there and look good so his team can be rewarded.

Sorry, Chris, my Buckeyes are going to lose to Penn State, thus increasing the stock value of the Nittany Lions, while sadly de-valuing your Trojan victory against the Bucks.

So ha-ha-ha, buddy. You lose. Er . . . we lose . . . wait a minute . . .

Terri Fox

Torrance (OSU '80)


I humbly offer a few rebuttals to Chris Dufresne's "Buckeye Bashing" session that masqueraded as a legitimate piece of journalism: A 12-0 record in 2006 including victories over two teams ranked second nationally at the time (Texas and Michigan) probably shouldn't be characterized as "slime" -ing into a national title game.

Ohio State has lost to LSU, Florida, Illinois and USC during the past three seasons. USC has lost to Oregon State twice (wow!), UCLA (no way), Stanford (you must be joking) and Oregon. Which resume would you prefer?

Paul Wager Jr.

San Clemente

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