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Going green amid Italy's gardens

October 26, 2008

We very much enjoyed Susan Spano's recent article ["Italy's Edens," Oct. 12]. Having attended a wedding in Rome in July, my wife and I spent a few days visiting the area and were amazed at how quickly the city gives way to open country and how varied is the terrain within an hour of Rome. Had we read Spano's article, we might have seen even more wonderful sights.

Peter and Martha Wetzel



I've read Spano's articles for years and used to envy her being the Ernie Pyle of France and Europe -- still do. Her recent story on Italian gardens was outstanding.

I'm a longtime professional magazine photographer (I'm finishing my 33rd how-to photography book) and I've been intrigued by how Spano has polished her photography. I know how rare it is that publications want writers to take pictures or vice versa. Another Times writer, Christopher Reynolds, has graduated into two mediums too and also does first-class images.

Lou Jacobs

Cathedral City

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