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Clothes make a statement

October 27, 2008

Re "A political fashion do or don't?" Oct. 23

Because Sarah Palin has made being "pro-America" one of the cornerstones of her campaign speeches, why is she wearing expensive clothing made by Italian designers Valentino and Gianfranco Ferre?

At a time when many Americans have lost their jobs, it would have been more appropriate and pro-American for the vice presidential nominee to wear clothes manufactured in the U.S. Palin should practice what she preaches.

Phyllis Landis

Ocean Hills


John McCain has an economic stimulus plan: Send Palin shopping.

Steve Martin

West Hollywood


In the interest of balanced reporting, we are all awaiting The Times' article on the cost of Barack Obama's tailored suits.

Scott Abramson

San Mateo


Now I understand what Grand Old Party really stands for: a grand for this top and a grand for these trousers and a grand for this jacket. How in the world is it necessary or reasonable for Palin to spend $150,000 of our political donations on a new movie-star-quality wardrobe for her and her family? In my head, I am picturing a tractor-trailer filled with clothes.

I thought she was one of us. How do I apply to get my political contribution back?

Gary Vander-Haeghen

Laguna Hills


After your article on Palin's appearance makeover, I was wondering if you plan to do a story on Joe Biden's hair transplants?

Jeremiah Flanigan

Long Beach

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