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That's the ticket

October 30, 2008

California voters are on track to set records this year for voting by mail, but for many, it's just not an election without going to the polls. For voters who are now marking their mail ballots, and for those planning to vote Nov. 4, The Times restates its recommendations -- and will again in coming days -- for president, state and local measures, judicial officers and county supervisor.

Previously published endorsements are available in full at

President: Barack Obama

California measures:

Proposition 1A (high-speed rail bonds): Yes

Proposition 2 (cage size mandates for chickens): No

Proposition 3 (children's hospital bonds): Yes

Proposition 4 (parental notification of minor's abortion): No

Proposition 5 (drug offender diversion and rehabilitation): No

Proposition 6 (new crimes and penalties): No

Proposition 7 (renewable energy mandate): No

Proposition 8 (same-sex marriage ban): No

Proposition 9 (new rights for crime victims' families): No

Proposition 10 (alternative fuel bond): No

Proposition 11 (redistricting reform): Yes

Proposition 12 (veterans' mortgage bonds): Yes

Los Angeles Superior Court:

Office No. 72: Hilleri Grossman Merritt

Office No. 82: Cynthia Loo

Office No. 84: Pat Connolly

Office No. 94: Michael J. O'Gara

Office No. 154: Michael V. Jesic

L.A. County supervisor, 2nd District:

Bernard C. Parks

City of Los Angeles:

Measure A (parcel tax for gang programs): No

Measure B (housing law update): Yes

L.A. Community College District:

Measure J (construction bond): Yes

L.A. Unified School District:

Measure Q (construction bond): No

L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority:

Measure R (sales tax increase for transportation projects): Yes

Los Angeles County (unincorporated areas):

Measure U (utility user tax update): Yes

Orange County:

Measure J (pension reform): No

California State Senate, District 19:

Hannah-Beth Jackson

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