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Election fairness is at stake

October 30, 2008

Re "Get a grip on elections," Opinion, Oct. 27

In early voting, there have been reports already of "vote flipping" in three states. The screen of the voting machine shows that you voted for one candidate but a review of the ballot indicates that you voted for another. If an election judge is not available at the poll location to remedy this, you are disenfranchised.

How widespread vote flipping is remains to be determined. It is an indication that we are in a fight to keep voting machines from causing fraud -- whether mechanical or deliberate.

More vigilance is needed.

Bevan Manson

Santa Monica


In addition to Charles Stewart's thoughtful recommendations for shoring up the country's registration and voting procedures, the office of secretary of state must be made a nonpartisan position in each state.

As long as election officials are identified with a particular party -- let alone serving in an active role for specific candidates -- substantial segments of the public will question the fairness and impartiality of the elections they are charged with managing.

Bob Shapiro


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