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Tobin Bell's game plan includes plenty of football

October 31, 2008|Mark Sachs | Sachs is a Times staff writer.

Trick-or-treaters coming to Tobin Bell's door tonight will come face to face with one of the most diabolical serial killers ever to darken a movie theater: the "Saw" franchise's Jigsaw John. It's quite a role reversal for the genial suburban husband and father of two sons.

"Horror films are not my thing, but the fans are very passionate and very dedicated," Bell says. "And they love my character, Jigsaw."

They loved "Saw 5" enough to make it last weekend's top-grossing movie that didn't have "High School" or "Musical" in the title. As for Bell, he favors high school football.


On a Friday night we'd drop my younger son off at a middle-school dance with his friends, and I'd get a few romantic hours with my wife, Elizabeth. We'd have dinner at a lovely Northern Italian restaurant in Malibu called Tra di Noi. I'd order the great vegetable puree soup and linguine vongole and shrimp scampi for my wife.


On Saturday morning, I'd make blueberry pancakes and bacon for my son and his buddies who'd have slept over. After that we'd head to a local high school football game. Any high school football game, because there's something about the spirit that's very special. After the game we might head to Jerry's Deli in Marina del Rey for some matzo ball soup and a corned beef sandwich. Then we'd drive up to Broad Beach near the Ventura County line and jump into the water to refresh ourselves. The sand beneath the water is nice and even.


In the evening we'd go to dinner at Boa in Santa Monica. The steak is fabulous, and the Caesar salad and desserts are great. And then the family would cuddle up at home with our dog A.J. and watch "The Devil Wears Prada" for about the fifth time, or anything with Jim Carrey.


On Sunday I'll take a sauna and have an ayurvedic massage at the house by Vidya Dasi. After that we'd head off to a flag football practice at a local park. I coach the 13-14-year-old team. Then some of the team would come over for a swim. For a movie in the afternoon, I like the Mann 8 in Westlake Village, and we could grab some chicken at Rosti's.


For dinner on Sunday, we might get the fabulous orange chicken and beef fried rice at Genghis Cohen, which has the best Chinese food this side of New York. Or maybe go to Zuma Sushi for spicy tuna rolls, California rolls, lobster rolls, avocado-cucumber salad and miso soup. The outdoor patio is nice, just above a cliff and under the shade of some trees. Then we'd go home and TiVo up "Brothers & Sisters" and "Chuck" and call it a weekend.


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