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Images drawn from history

September 01, 2008

Re "It's unanimous and historic," Aug. 28

I heard several times from people of color who were being interviewed after Obama's acceptance speech that they wished relatives could have been there to see this historic occasion.

I too wish my great-great-uncle, Louis A. Martinet, were there to see the fruits of his early civil rights work.

A black lawyer, physician, publisher and teacher, he led the Citizens Committee, which tested the Louisiana Separate Car Act. His friend and associate, Homer Plessy, was white enough to enter the segregated train car but black enough to be arrested.

I was disappointed that the Plessy vs. Ferguson decision was not noted in the article as one of the milestones for blacks in the United States.

My uncle once said: "Why do I do this? I want no political influence, no prestige, no office. Why do I do this? Like you, I believe I do it because I am built this way." Maybe Louis would have just been proud that we have come so far and have an inspiring black candidate for president.

Ken Martinet

President, Chief Executive

Catholic Big Brothers

Big Sisters

Los Angeles

I'm surprised you did not mention Rep. Shirley Chisholm of New York. She was not only the first African American woman elected to Congress, in 1968, but the first African American woman to run for president in a major party, in 1972.

Genaro Ramirez


Thank you for Roberto Parada's beautiful front-page illustration of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

It's the best artwork I've seen yet of the many images rendered of the man, including those created by other artists available at the campaign's official website.

For many decades, I've had the privilege of associating with some of the best commercial and fine artists out there. Parada's painting is perfection.

Joanne Hedge


The writer is an artist representative.

It seems as if you have forgotten to include a halo on the portrait of Obama on today's front page. So much for unbiased news coverage.

Anne Grogan


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