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Justice for ex-Marine

September 02, 2008

Re "Marine is acquitted in killings of 4 Iraqis," Aug. 29

The juror who said "you don't know what combat is until you're in combat" was correct. In her simple honesty, she captured the essence of what justice meant for former Sgt. Jose Luis Nazario.

The United States has brave men and women who volunteer for duty in hellish places such as Iraq and Afghanistan, knowing they are in for heat, danger and a confusing, frustrating war. When incidents happen that fall in the gray area of the rules of engagement, we must give the benefit of the doubt to our soldiers, our people.

If that sounds like jingoism to the left, too bad. The jury did the right thing, as patriotic Americans. Not "citizens of the world." Americans.

Mike Burns


I want to thank the citizens of Riverside for their stand in the case of the former combat Marine recently on trial for his actions in likely the worst battle in this terrible war in Iraq.

Combat Marines throughout our history may now stand at ease.

Harold Wilcox

Long Beach

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