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A reckoning for living it up

September 02, 2008

Re "U.S. investigating union local, chief," Aug. 28, and "Paying her dues to the SEIU," column, Aug. 27

Thank you for bringing local Service Employees International Union President Tyrone Freeman's recent unconscionable actions to the public's attention.

That Freeman and his cronies are smoking away $10,000 worth of cigars and squandering $300,000 living it up at five-star restaurants, golf resorts and hotels while a certified nurse assistant is changing diapers on an 80-year-old woman for $9 an hour is just not right -- not at the workers' expense.

Shame on Freeman and his cronies, and shame on the union's entire 55-member board, for taking no action early on. Bravo to all those workers in the union who came forward. You are to be commended and, I hope, protected by the good guys in the system.



Palm Springs

The writer is the director of administration of the Desert AIDS Project.

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