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American dream: EBay feedback from 1 million

September 04, 2008|Alana Semuels | Times Staff Writer

There has been much discussion of the American dream of late. If you ask EBay Inc., it's alive and well. Why? Because a seller just reached 1 million feedbacks on the popular auction site.

For those of you who have never tried to earn some quick cash by selling your junk on EBay, feedback is one of the ways you can tell whether sellers are trustworthy. Once you buy something from someone, you can rate that seller. The seller then has a number by his or her name showing how many people submitted ratings and what percentage rated the seller positively.

Now, Jack Sheng, an El Monte business owner, has garnered 1 million feedback ratings with two different accounts on EBay: "everydaysource" and "accstation." They both sell consumer electronics.

Sheng started the company, Eforcity Corp., eight years ago out of his garage, selling things mostly on EBay. EBay says Eforcity makes $30 million a year, and Sheng says he has 180 employees with offices in El Monte, China and Hong Kong.

"It's really about the American dream," EBay spokeswoman Wendy Sept said.

If you're not sure how reaching 1 million feedbacks on EBay relates to the American dream, ask Sheng. He says that thanks to the site, he was able to start a business with little investment and expand it quickly. EBay helped buyers find his goods, and although they might not know him, they understood from his feedback rating that he was dependable. The feedback ratings for everydaysource and accstation are currently at 98.8%.

"The feedback itself plays the most important role in attracting more business," he explained. He's had the most feedback ratings on EBay since late 2005, according to tracking site Nortica.

How does one celebrate achieving the American dream through EBay feedback volume? With a company party with cake and champagne, Sheng said. Also by reminding employees that the American dream is all about striving for more.

"At the party we said we wanted to do a better job to reach the 2 million feedback a lot faster than we reached 1 million feedback," he said.


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