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Access for all

September 04, 2008

Re "Online for the blind," editorial, Aug. 30

The Times' editorial expressed a very simple, but too often ignored, truth: Denying access may be penny-wise, but it's usually pound-foolish.

Online shopping is one example in which the virtue of full access is readily apparent, but the same logic applies to transportation, stadiums, parks, schools and throughout society. Instead of reactively complaining that "disabled people don't come here," we need to proactively create websites, buildings and transportation that everyone can enjoy.

Our society needs to be enabling, not disabling.

Arthur W. Blaser


I agree with your editorial mandating that companies blow millions of dollars to make their websites accessible to the two or three blind people who want to buy a six-pack of AA batteries from them.

When will The Times make its website accessible to the blind?

John Birch

Long Beach

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