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He grades the hit he took on the bell curve

September 04, 2008|Thomas Bonk | Times Staff Writer

There doesn't seem to be a limit on cliches in college football, especially about the effects of getting tackled, but getting your "bell rung" ranks way up there, along with "that's got to hurt," "he coughed up the football," "looks like we've got a player shaken up" and "he's going to feel that one on Monday."

Brigham Young flattened Northern Iowa, 41-17, but Cougars quarterback Max Hall took a hard hit in the fourth quarter of the game Saturday. By all accounts, yes, he got his bell rung, although we're not sure to what degree, or is it pitch?

Said Coach Bronco Mendenhall: "It is not even a significant bell-ringer."

Said Hall: "I took a couple of hits. Got my bell rung on one of them, but I was fine. . . . I just got my bell rung and I was fine the next day."

You know what that means to Brigham Young? They can ill afford to lose him. They need to win the game in the trenches. The officials could call holding on every play.

Trivia time

Has a Brigham Young player ever won the Heisman Trophy?

Luxury seating

So they're going to put a 42-seat Harley-Davidson special seating area next season at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Real motorcycles will be built into the decor. Good thing the Brewers don't have a deal with the leopard shark exhibit at the Milwaukee Zoo.

Another Chad

The chance for payback is all you can ask for. Chad Pennington, who was dumped unceremoniously by the New York Jets when they signed Brett Favre to replace him as quarterback, hooked up one day later with the Miami Dolphins and will be their starting quarterback in the opener Sunday -- against the Jets.

Hey, coach

This classifies as good news: Coors Light is going to run new TV ads spoofing news conferences with former NFL coaches Brian Billick, Dennis Green and Jim Mora Sr. It's no surprise they brought this ad back, with these guys, either. To quote Green, "they are who we thought they were."


Talk about great first impressions. Former Raider Warren Sapp signed a deal to join "Inside the NFL," on Showtime this year, and said the program last year on HBO "just got bland." Interesting, since the show won three Emmys in the last six years for best sports studio show.

Better refinance

Want to catch a game at Yankee Stadium before its last home game Sept. 21? Get ready to pony up. Ticket prices for the last 11 games are going for up to as much as 100 times face value and some brokers are looking for $10,000 apiece, according to the New York Post.

Trivia answer

Yes, quarterback Ty Detmer in 1990.

And finally

His team's lease of the Metrodome ends in 2011, he has new stadium issues and Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wolf says he won't sell or move the franchise, but Mark Craig of believes that may change: "He's being loyal to Minnesota right now, but he's not an idiot."


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