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My Favorite Weekend

Kim Kardashian: Actress

September 05, 2008|Mark Sachs | Times Staff Writer

Kim Kardashian's first big-screen effort is a disaster, yet she's positively giddy about it. "Yes, it's called 'Disaster Movie,' and it was so much fun to do," she says. "I got to spoof 'High School Musical,' and Carmen Electra and I even have a wrestling scene." In addition to the movie and her E! series "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," the 27-year-old Los Angeles native was just selected for ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," which returns Sept. 22. Here's her weekend. Try to keep up.

'BU IN THE 'BU: I love Nobu in Malibu, the cool vibe of the place, down to the bamboo floors. I have bamboo floors in my house now. As far as the food, I love the black cod and the Kobe beef tacos. I was actually just at Nobu with Ryan Seacrest and my mom.

SELF-SERVE: I have a high-end women's clothing boutique with my family called Dash in Calabasas, so when I want to go shopping, I just go there and take my own merchandise, which really irritates my sisters.

INDULGENT: If I want to really be pampered, I'll go to the Four Seasons in Westlake Village, where they have the greatest spa. I go there all the time just to hang out. It's very private and very relaxing. I'll get a massage and then have lunch by the pool.

PLAYING HOSTESS: If I were entertaining out-of-town guests, I'd definitely take them shopping on Robertson Boulevard. It used to be Melrose, but now it's Robertson. I especially like Kitson. And then maybe we'll go out to eat at Mr. Chow and end up at a club, maybe Villa.

TIME OUT: For a quiet night with my boyfriend, [football star] Reggie Bush, I'd just cook dinner for us and then we'd play a little Rock Band on the Xbox. We're totally homebodies when he's in town. He's definitely not into the whole Hollywood scene.

HANGING OUT: I'm a big fan of the Grove. I love the shops and the movie theaters there. I like the Commons in Calabasas for the same reasons.

FEEL THE BURN: I'll go to the gym to work out with Reggie, but he's also taken me running up the sand dunes in Manhattan Beach, which is the most exhausting thing I've ever done.

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