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Simple idea stained by insult

September 05, 2008

Re "L.A.'s badge plan has lobbyists chafing," Aug. 31

I am as dumbfounded as I am pleased with the Ethics Commission proposal requiring lobbyists to wear a badge identifying themselves as lobbyists when they enter a city building. Dumbfounded because it is a brilliantly simple idea that one does not always expect from City Hall. Pleased because what causes lobbyists to squeal in outrage is almost always a good thing for taxpayers.

I offer a suggestion to the Ethics Commission on the design: The badge should be credit-card sized with a large scarlet "L" (apologies to Nathaniel Hawthorne).

Ralph M. Casillas

Los Angeles


The shocking chutzpah! How dare a lobbyist evoke my grandparents' horror and the memory of their murdered parents, siblings and children and the memory of 6 million innocents for the sake of an ID card?

Whatever I felt about the minimum-wage plan at LAX is out the window. Any company that would hire someone who uses the heroic dead to further an agenda deserves to lose. Shame on you, Harvey Englander.

Rabbi Chaim Kolodny

Hancock Park

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