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Admissions policy at UCLA

September 06, 2008

Re "UCLA accused of illegal admitting practices," Aug. 30

So a professor quits amid charges that UCLA is forced to accept less-qualified minorities for admission to keep the old quota system alive and well.

That's a shame. I was a white student who was shown no special preference getting admitted to UCLA, yet somehow I got in and graduated. I took the community college route because I wasn't at first up to UCLA's standards. Isn't this an option for minority students?

When does the entitlement end? This is why I've never given a penny to UCLA, and never will. They should change the name of the school to Useless College of Lower Academics. Go Ruins!

Kevin Smith

San Pedro


Unfortunately, political science professor Tim Groseclose fails to realize that we live in a society that cannot be understood simply by crunching numbers. A holistic approach to admissions is the only way to ensure an environment reflective of an increasingly diverse city, state and country.

As an instructor and graduate student at UCLA, I find it deplorable that a faculty member would be complicit in creating a climate that is divisive and not welcoming.

Milo M. Alvarez

Los Angeles


Re "Keep the UC bar high," editorial, Sept. 2

The bar is an illusion. When I was admitted to UCLA, I didn't have an above-average GPA nor adequate SAT scores. What I did have was a program called High Potential, which took in students who displayed traits for success. I was provided with tuition (through loans), remedial education and counseling.

I graduated in 1975. Today, I am employed as a human resources director, I own my own home and my daughter just graduated from a four-year university. I paid for all of it.

Had it not been for creative admissions at UCLA, I would have had none of this. I implore the powers that be to keep extending the dream to deserving young people.

One last thing -- I am African American.

Robert Miller

Santa Fe Springs

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