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Blue review

September 06, 2008

I've figured out why that new Dodgers outfielder is so much fun to watch. He's the most interesting Manny in the world.

Dan Kelly

Studio City

When I had a bad year at McDonnell Douglas, nobody handed me $18 million and said, "Poor, poor thing, just concentrate on your Christmas shopping, and rest up for spring." Can you imagine how much the Pentagon would have to pay for a coffee maker if the Dodgers were its supplier?

Gene Miller

Huntington Beach

Gee, nice to see Andruw Jones acknowledging that the season is "lost" (Dodgers fans have known this all season). Now let's see what his character is made of to do the right thing: one, give half of his 2008 salary to charity, since he certainly didn't earn it and two, report to 2009 spring training in top shape so he can start off the year the way he should have in 2008. We'll be anxious to see if he "steps up to the plate" and does something other than whiff.

Ken Blake


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