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Bad examples

September 06, 2008

Letter writer Jeff Drobman writes that the LPGA should emulate Japanese baseball where American players don't have to speak Japanese.

Drobman forgets that Japanese baseball limits American players to three per team. That would be six per game.

The LPGA has 45 Korean-born players with playing privileges. If only six could play per tournament, then the average Korean player would play only once every seven weeks.

The current LPGA policy to let everyone play is to be admired. The restrictive Japanese policy is the one that is jingoistic and racist.

Bob Munson

Newbury Park

Last I heard, speaking English is not a requirement for being a professional golfer. Shame on the LPGA for even considering members be required to be proficient in English and for threatening suspension for non-compliance. I seriously doubt the current dominance of Korean players on the LPGA circuit (to me, the obvious reason for the English requirement) will negatively affect television coverage of LPGA events. They are already difficult to find on TV, network or otherwise.

In the post-Annika world of ladies' professional golf, an exciting star from Korea, the U.S. or anywhere would be welcome.

Maureen Discipulo

Redondo Beach

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